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Team Friuli

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History and Activities

The Hovercraft team Friuli was born , or rather renewed in 2005 . The name of the Association changed from FRIULI HOVER CLUB to HOVERCRAFT TEAM FRIULI . This change was meant as a testimony of desire for renewal, but also of continuity especially in spirit with which the club was founded several years ago.

The promotion of this unique sport is made by a group of members, supporters and sympathizers. The small group of members are valid participants in the racing abroad were they are well know and successful in this sport.

The foreign races are held in Germany , France, Great Britain and Sweden (for the European championship) as well as every 2 years a world championship.

The races abroad are divided into the following categories:

• Formula S: single-engine displacement free single duct size

• Formula 3 engines total capacity of up to 250 cc two-stroke or up to 500cc four-stroke

• Formula 2 : engines for a total of 600 cc two-stroke or up to 750cc four-stroke

• Formula 1 engines over 600 cc two-stroke and four-stroke 750 cc over

The penultimate formula , born a few years ago, but collecting a lot of success , is the Formula 50 : a series where all engines have a maximum power of 50 Hp declared by the manufacturer .

This formula , born in Italy several years ago , owes its success to the low cost racing , the spectacle of the hardest-fought races where driver and innovation makes a big difference.

The track races , by regulation , must be mixed, preferably a mix of water and land. The hovercraft travels on a cushion of air touching the ground and the sudden changes of slope can create significant difficulties to the driver who can literally fly for several feet, hoping for a soft landing. Bring to a limit Hovercraft , especially maximum displacement , and implies an uncommon sensitivity , coupled with the pilot's ability to adapt the means to their personal needs .

The small group of pilots racing abroad is not very numerous but very qualified . Participation began in the '80s , and that can include dozens of podium placing and with the achievement of number of champions.

In our region , for years, meetings are organized at the end of July on Lake Barcis, capitalizing on the particular water level of the lake, other events are also held in Azzano Decimo, Cesena on lakes and even the lake of Sesto Paker al Reghena (PN) .