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Ice racing tarvisio Feb-2017

Next Meeting- 18/02/2017 + 25/02/2017 Tarvisio

Next meeting will be on the Ice track near Tavisio, Italy. We will be doing a demonstration thanks to the kind people at Ice driving ( www.svicedriving.com ).

Last year we visited the track twice, it was quite an experience!! First time it was a nightmare as we learnt that the extreme cold puts all the mechanicals to the test as each of us broke down time after time until nobody was running anymore!!! To be honest it was an important test that allowed us to strength any component that could break during the season and in turn we had no failures during the season.

The second visit was a great success, we had learnt from the first visit what was wrong and repaired the crafts. A large amount of fuel later we returned home having had a great experience and looking forwards to the next visit.

This year the crafts will be on 18th of February at the cable car to Monte Lussari and on the 25th, we will be running on the track thanks to Ice driving Camporosso. 

Below is the video from 2016. See you there!