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Regulations for event:

H2H Races will be held under EHF meeting rules and will follow European Hovercraft Federation Competition Regulations for European Championship Events (EHF001 -2017_1 download here)   except for the following items:


The above items will replaced with H2H Races knock out procedure using double elimination, guaranteeing each runner a minimum of 2 races per day (allowing for one lost race).  Example of the knockout:

If the number of participants in a category is uneven or odd, fastest qualifiers may be automatically passed into the next round (see above knock out system with 7 competitors). For the final, the competitor arriving from the losers bracket will need to win twice.

Race weekend procedure:

Day one will follow standard formula groups – F1/F2/F50/FS. Day two will be split into 4 equal groups based on best race time from day 1.

During the two morning sessions, Practice sessions will follow normal EH0001-2017_1 item 9.1 regulations. At the end of the of the practice session on day 1, each craft will do one timed flying lap. The lap times will be used to classify the driver’s position in their respective tournament/formula.

During the knockout tournament on day 1, times will be taken and the fastest time during the day of each driver will go towards their positioning on day 2. The day 2 races will be divided into 4 equal groups, each grouping racers with similar times together (i.e. group 1 with the fastest, group 4 with the slowest).

The racing will be split into 3 sessions, first session after lunch break, second session after paddock open and the finals at the end of the day. Depending of the number of participants will determine the amount of races in each session.

During each day, a results board will be shown that includes the order of racing, participants will need to keep an eye on as it is planned that a race will be started every 5 minutes. A dummy grid will be in use. Crafts will be called 10 minutes before their race, no show will forfeit the win to the competitor on the grid.


The course has a short and a long lap. Each driver must do 2 laps of the long course and one lap of the short course. The driver n.1 on the left starting position will do the short lap first while the driver n.2 on the right starting position will do the short lap on the last lap. Positions on the start grid will be randomly generated (to be confirmed how process will be done).

The start of the race will be signaled via start lights/flag, the last lap board will be also shown (advising the driver n.2 to do the short lap) and then the checkered flag to signal the end of the race.