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Team Friuli

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The Team

Name: Sacha Rouchier

Age:   40

From: London, England

Started racing: 1991 

Formula: FS - Unlimited category

Craft:  TF-Shadow FS

Best results:

Formula S: 

2017 European champion

Formula 50: 

2016 vice champion - World championship

2016 Runner up in Italian Championship

2014 5th in EHF- (partial season)

2013 European champion

2012 European champion and 4th in the world.

Formula 1: 

1998 British champion, 3rd in the European championship

2000- 4th in the world championship 

Formula 2: 

4th in the British championship in 1997, 6th in the World championships of 1997,

Formula Junior: 

British champion in 1993, 3rd in the World championships of 1993

N.B. Did not race from 2002 to 2011

Name: Marco Fadel

Age:   23

From: S.Andrea, Italy

Started racing: 2009

Formula: F2 - up to 600cc

Craft:  Vortex Rapidor F2

Best results:

Formula 50: 

Runner up in the Italian Championship 2012, 2011

Formula 2:

4th World hovercraft Championship 2018

2nd in the European  novice championship in 2013

Name: Renato Presotto

Age:   56

From: Concordia Sagitaria, Italy

Started racing: 1992

Formula: F1 - 

Craft:   TF-Shadow F1

Best results:

Formula 50: 

2016 Italian F50 Champion

2015 7th in EHF- (partial season)

2014 9th in EHF- (partial season)

Formula 1: 

5th In the world hovercraft Championships 2018

Formula 2: 

2nd in European championship in 2002 & 2010

3rd in European championship in '01,'08,'11,'12 

4th in the World championship  in 2010, 6th in 2006

Formula S: 

2nd in European championship in 1998 & 1996

5th In the World championship in 1995

Name: Michele Scanavino (TEAM ITALY)- Retired from racing 2017

Age:   48

From: Bardonecchia, Italy

Started racing: 1985

Formula: F1 - Unlimited category

Best results: 

Formula 1: 

Years 98/99/00/05/08/10/11/13/14/15/16 European champion

Years 97/00/10/16 World Champion